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Innovative Solution – Hospital Canteen

Few days back I was having tea with the channel partner after a fight with him on slow pace of progress on conversion of leads.  He was casually mentioning about unique requirement from an upmarket hospital, which he doubted whether we can fulfil or not with our integrated software and hardware product.

We had launched our beta version of smart POS along with integrated billing software features & payment. The product was getting good traction among retail, restaurants, ticketing segments & we were in mid of some client requirement finalisation and suddenly this requirement was popped up

The requirement was from a fairly big hospital which has a branch also.  They  have an in house canteen and as and when the canteen boys visit rooms for serving breakfast they will take orders for lunch and dinner for the patients attendants / relatives. Patients will have a standard diet prescribed by dietician. These orders were noted down in a small note book and later when the boys  reach canteen they used to consolidate orders and pass on to canteen kitchen for preparation.  Later once the orders are ready they used to get a manual bill from cashier & do the delivery of the food items to rooms. At the end of day they used to do reconcialtion manually for all the items sold category wise along with cash and credit sales. This involved lot of manual work and order mistakes would happen frequently over and above manual billing and accounting mistakes often resulted in money loss.

We had discussed this with our software partner & they had come out with an instant solution for the hospital which solved all the problems.  The SAAS based integrated software designed by them + Ez_Smart device; the android based touch screen smart POS was the perfect solution. The software solutions team  had  designed an android app which can be installed in any android phone even basic which can be used by canteen boys.  Canteen delivery boys was given this app and the boys happily punched the orders in the app which got automatically consolidated in the back end and a session wise KOT was generated and got printed at a stipulated time in the Canteen. The orders which was captured room wise was showing in the Ez_Smart for billing. Billing was done from Ez_Smart and the deliveries were completed with printed bills. Where ever the credit ( payment at time of discharge ) the information was passed on from the backend to Hospital central software. Cash collected at rooms were updated in the software once boys returned.  

At the end of the day item wise, category wise report along with Cash & Credit was published and reconcialtion was very easy.  The Ez_Smart also had shift closure which helped to manage each shift. The employee’s were also mapped in the system which brought accountability and reduced pilferage.  Every member in the system was very happy with the solution.

The Ez_Smart was useful for on the spot billing for walk-in clientele and as an integrated option credit and debit card payments were also accepted in the same Device.  The hospital management was very happy and they had implemented the same in the branch hospital canteen also.

The channel partner was on cloud nine & was on an upbeat mood as he was getting new segments of business opportunity.   I was also ecstatic that new frontiers of business segment are opening up and I will be appreciated in bringing this!!!!

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  1. Dilip kumar Reply

    Great Product opened Sea of opportunity …

  2. Jineesh Reply

    Good one….

  3. Mahesh Reply

    Good Solution. Its high time that technology improvisations like this boosts the F&B sector in India. Good to see changes picking up!

  4. Ashish Reply

    Smart solution for smart people…. all in one device for payment solution..!

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