About EzSwype

Our mission is to enable anyone to accept payments, anywhere and anytime.

We empower users to carry out secured and speedy payment transaction processing using multiple payment methods in their business. With our all in one management tools under a single platform, merchants now have a complete control of their business, no matter where they are.

How We Started

In India, there are above 15 million merchants. However, only 3.3 Million merchants have started using POS systems for their payments. We realized the need of the hour was a robust and seamless payment experience for both the merchant as well as their customers.

Started in 2013,we have come a long way in past 5 years. Right from being certified for compliance (PCI-DSS) In 2014, to forming a strategic alliance in 2015, by getting exclusive device partnership in 2016, by entering into a strategic partnership with an acquiring bank and a switching platform partner in 2017. EzSwype has always focused on fuelling merchant needs for an excellent POS payment system and had grown multifold in last 2 years.

Where are we now

With over 7000+ merchants on boards, we have worked with businesses of all size. Our cutting edge technology ensures that businesses increase revenue, improve efficiency and enhance the experience of payments for both the merchants as well as their customers.

We have integrated inventory management, quick payments as well as merchant management all under one platform. We also offer 24*7 support in multiple languages. Along with these great features, now you can make better-informed decisions with our daily transaction reports.

We are there to,
help you

With three office in major cities such as New York , Delhi, and Chennai, we aim to provide superior support for your business payment needs

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Transaction Capacity


Transaction Value

750 Million+/month
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New York, USA

Delhi, India

Chennai , India

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Our mission is to enable anyone to accept payments anywhere and anytime.

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