EzSmart is affordable for retail shops

How EzSmart is affordable for retail shops?

Nowadays the retail shops are satisfying customer needs not only selling the products or services, but they are keen on faster billing and checkouts to save the precious business hours and the time of the customers. The main objective to ensure the same is to encourage repeat visits and serving more customers without losing the quality of services.

To set-up for a retail shop to meet the customer satisfaction, the owner has to invest money to purchase a computer, bill printer, handheld scanner, and payment device. Individually it costs a lot which is most of the time not affordable for a small retail shop.

EzSmart is a device that can be replaced all the above devices. It acts as a computer with the Android platform, a printer, a scanner over and above it is integrated with a smart payment solution. The salesperson in a shop can easily identify the products from the iconic images and compute the billing quickly. As it is a cloud storage device, the data will be secured and accessible at any point of time from anywhere in the world. The 2D bar code scanner will help to read the codes quickly. The fastest payment solution will complete a transaction is approximately 3-5 seconds which is the best in the industry, and which will make the customer very happy. The cost of the all in one device is highly affordable which is lesser than any similar product in the industry. For more details about EzSmart Click here

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