How EzSmart will fit for all types of retail store?

In the retail stores, whether it is small or big, lot of challenges are being faced from the time of purchase of inventory to a successful sale transaction. For improving the sales figures, prudent businessmen will do the basic tracking of purchases, inventory, employee productivity, daily sales numbers, Profitability etc. Normally an average retail store will spend money for computers, windows software, billing software, printer etc.  Apart from these there will be a card payment acceptance machine for collecting the payments. All these will occupy a major portion of the space in the retail store counter. The retail store might be using manual billing which in turn create hassles in filing accurate GST returns. At the end of the day the day the store owner needs to manually calculate the complete sales out come for the day which will be a tedious work.

To tackle all these challenges EzSwype’ s EzSmart is the best solution for any type of retail store. Please note below how the Ez_Smart Product resolve the commonly faced issues by retail owners. Apart from the inbuilt payment acceptance, Ezswype’s Ez_Smart will have additional billing software which will be customized as per the retail store needs.

  1. Product Management –  EzSmart business software has a simple and easy to use module for managing the products, units, prices, discounts, etc… The products will be displayed with an image which will help the salesman to select the right product in the first attempt.  The entire upload of the product can be done thru back end operation.
  2. Billing – The computation of the billing & printing as simple as that the customer will be happy as the checkout is hassle-free.  Discount options can be configured and even we have good loyalty solutions.
  3. Payment – The Ez_smart comes with an Integrated payment acceptance system where in all the card acceptance, wallet acceptance and UPI payment acceptance happens.  Its an all in one solution.
  4. Mobile application – A simple and easy to use mobile application is provided to the store owner so that the complete sales tracking can be done from any time any where.
  5. Payment Reports – The successful payments can be checked from the transaction list in case of any queries raised by the customer
  6. Business Reports – Daily sales reports will give a clear idea about what are the hot selling products which need to be more stored in terms of quantities & values, or what is the less sale product which will help to optimize the stock
  7. Customer Management – The system will support to run loyalty programs and the repeat visits by the customers will ensure more revenue. Campaign engine for integrating product-based sales is an added advantage.
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